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Despite the recession, remodeling does go on. Home maintenance and repair projects are projects that must be done to maintain the integrity of your home. Why? Because buyers expect a home with solid structure and systems, then they look for the cosmetic home improvements. Homes need interior & exterior painting, new kitchen cabinets, plumbing repairs and the occasional carpet cleaing. Most of money spent on remodeling is focused on the small and the necessary: maintenance, replacements and projects that enhance curb appeal to promote a sale.

We can perform the tasks that you may not wish to do yourself or unable to do at a reasonable price or time frame. We can perform major projects from painting your entire home to installing custom cabinets to the construction of a custom room addition. We can help you get the job done right and at a fair price. Call us today and ask how we can help with small repairs around the house. We can assist you with those honey-do lists and preventive maintenance items that should be completed to protect the appearance and value of your home. Our goal is to provide maintenance and remodeling services to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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